2012 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe Review

Jerry Reynolds | April 12, 2012
2012 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe Review

For me, it is hard to beat a rear-wheel drive car with lots of power and a sporty feel. Throw in a 6-speed manual transmission and I am pretty much in heaven. Thus, the reason I had such a great week with the 2012 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe. For those who don’t know, IPL stand for Infiniti Performance Line, and this car is well suited for its name.

Under the hood, we have a 3.7-liter V6 running almost 350-horses, and given the precision of the 6-speed manual tranny, you can maximize each of the gears and give yourself the feeling of well over 400-horses. Just so you know, this is the same engine that comes in the Nissan 370 Nismo edition, a car well known as an enthusiast’s dream, wrapped in a luxury body. There is a 7-speed automatic transmission available on the car.

Make no mistake, the G37 is a performance car with luxury appointments, the interior is awesome. The leather seats are super comfortable, the navigation system is easy to operate and has great graphics and the stereo and Bluetooth are great. Everything is easy to operate and within reach of the driver. The car comes with a power moonroof, a rear camera, and dual power seats.

I think the real of this car is the handling. It is tight, much like a Porsche to be honest. You get very little dip or sway in the G37 IPL and at times, it is reminiscent of the Corvette, but with a more comfortable ride. In tight turns, the car feels like it is on rails, and acceleration is strong and steady. This would be a great car to have on a track.

Just about everything comes standard on the G37 IPL, including 19” wheels, a tuned exhaust system, bigger brakes, and an additional 18-horses over the standard G Coupe.

Headroom is good for 6-footers or less, rear seat room is very limited. Overall however, if you are in the market for a sporty, luxury coupe, the G37 IPL is a ton of fun to drive and a darned nice car. It stacks up very nicely against other cars in its class. This is the first model in the Infiniti Performance line, and it comes in black or Graphite Gray like the one I have this week. It makes me look forward to other Infinitis with the IPL package.

What I liked most: The handling. Very nice and tight.

What I would change: I’d like a few more features, like blind-spot monitoring.

MSRP: As equipped, $50,445

Fuel Economy: Getting 17 in town, 27 highway, almost 24 combined.

2012 G37 IPL in a few words: GREAT car, a ton of fun with a stick.

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