2013 Ford Escape Review

Jerry Reynolds | September 13, 2012
2013 Ford Escape Review
Thankfully, I have the 2013 Ford Escape this week. I say thankfully because so many people have asked me about it. My tester is the Titanium version and it is extremely nice. Escape came out in 2001, but since that time, it hasn’t changed a whole lot. Until now. The 2013 is a radical departure from years past.

I am driving the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Ecoboost, but there is a 1.6-liter available also. The larger engine has 240-horses and both come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. As with all Ecoboost engines, when you tromp on it, this thing MOVES!

The Titanium package comes very nicely equipped with ambient lighting, remote start, partial leather seats, Sync voice activation system, power driver’s seat, 19” wheels, and HID lights. This one has the Technology Package and you get automatic headlights, power liftgate, and rear parking sensors. One really cool feature about the power liftgate is that when walking up to the rear of the Escape, if you have your key remote close to you, you can wave your foot under the rear bumper and the liftgate will open.

There is also a Parking Technology package for $995 that is a great buy. You get blind spot warning, rear view camera, and it will parallel park itself too.

Ford beefed up the Ford Focus chassis for this new Escape and that gives it one of the smoothest rides out there in a small SUV. Handling is good, the brakes are firm and steady, and this is one of the quietest small SUVs I’ve been in. The 2013 is larger on the outside but seems about the same on the inside. There is plenty of cargo room and back seat room for most people. Headroom is somewhat limited for the back seat, but there is plenty in the front.

The Escape I am driving has the My Ford Touch system, often a source of controversy. I can tell you that the system worked flawlessly for me. The learning curve on the system is greater than many of the competitors to it, but it also does more than most. I think it’s a great system personally and believe Microsoft has finally got all the little kinks out of it.

All in all, the new Escape is a real contender in the very popular small SUV segment. It looks great, it drives great, and I am getting almost 30 miles per gallon on the highway when trying. I find the seats in the new Escape to be among the most comfortable I’ve ever driven. Ford did this one right!

What I liked most: The changes from the old Escape, everything is better!

What I would change: Seems a little pricey, but future rebates will fix that.

MSRP: $34,735.

Fuel Economy: Rated at 21 in town/28 Highway-getting almost 30.

Warranty: 3 Year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, 5 Year/60,000 mile powertrain, and 5 years of Roadside Assistance.

2013 Escape in a few words: Capable, comfortable SUV.

David P.
I recently read your review on the Ford Escape, after looking at other models I came to descision that the Escape was for me. The review did make a difference. I trully enjoy this car, I have been driving a VW Jetta for the last 9 years and am extremely happy to be in a large more comfortable vehicle. All the positive things that you have said about this car, I have found to be true.

Thanks for the review, yes I did use it..............I do listen to your show every Saturday.
Ken .
Hi Jerry,

Yes it will on eliminating a lot of vehicles! But is an American car company selling cars in America with the steering wheel on the right side of the car when looking at it. I don't think it's to much to ask for them to design the gas fuel door on that side!
Yes I understand the weight of the fuel has a lot to with the location of the tank, but I am talking about the filler neck/ fuel door. For best weight distribution the tank should be mounted near the center of the car right? So it should be just as easy to put the fuel door on the drivers side as it is to put it on the passenger side.
Have you ever been in a car with the fuel door on the passenger side durning a fuel shortage or a gas war? You have to get in line in reverse because 90% or cars on the road have the fuel door on the drivers side! I guess the back-up camera with come in handy for those drivers!
I guess I will just have to buy a Honda or Toyota , because their design engineerings know where there steering wheel and the fuel doors should be in America...
Thanks for your reply Jerry, I enjoy your show!
Happy New Year!
Jerry .
Ken you would eliminate a LOT of vehicles with that criteria. Usually the weight of the gas has much to do with when the tank can go.

Merry Christmas.

Jerry Reynolds “The Despreporno”
President, Despreporno Radio Networks
Ken .
When will the new Ford design engineers learn, that the fuel door should be on the same side as the steering wheel!! I can't see how Jerry can give it 5.5 about of 5 with that major design flaw. I will never buy any car that the fuel door and steering wheel are not on the same side! Very poor engineering , I give it a 2.. To bad it wasn't engineered better....
Lorraine V.
I bought a 2013 Escape today from Leif Johnson Ford in Austin, Texas today. Great service and great price. Thanks for your advice.
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