2018 Mustang GT Gets Industry-First Quiet Mode


The just got a whole lot sneakier. Ninja sneaky.

Ford is equipping it with an all-new Stealth Mode system that allows you to hush the V8 engine when slipping out for your early morning commute.

Former Mustang engineer Steve von Foerster came up with the idea after his neighbors called the cops on him after backing out his V8 GT. Being in a Mustang, he was long gone by the time the cops got there. He didnt get a ticket or even get angry, instead Good Neighbor aka Quiet Start was born.

Quiet Start comes as an add-on with the 2018 Mustang GT. It allows you to schedule the hours when you want to quiet start instead of the normal rumble. You can also select it when you get in the car as an engine mode at any time from the 12-inch cockpit display. For example, you can set it to start quietly between 8 pm and 7 am.

Technically, it works by closing valves to quiet the engine down to the about the same volume as a standard dishwasher. Now youll just have to find a way to keep your dog from barking, your band practices from booming, and only mowing when all the neighbors are out.

Photo Credit: Ford
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