2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special, Plus Lineup Upgrades

Ford is reviving its famed California Special badge on the 2019 Mustang GT.

The limited-edition package, based on the original 1968 version, will be offered on both the fastback coupe and convertible models and judging by Fordís Youtube video, it will have you thinking youíre coasting down the Pacific Coast Highway in no time.

2019 Mustang GT California Special

The 2019 Mustang GT Califonia Special features unique five-spoke painted machine wheels and a trademark fading stripe that traces from the 5.0 side badge to the rear fender scoop. The blacked-out open grille picks up the Mustang Performance Pack 1 splitter.

There is no shortage of special badging Ė youíll find a California Special badge on trunk lid as well as a GT/CS insignia on the black suede-trimmed seats and the floor mats.

Scroll down for more on its storied history.

New for 2019

This week, Ford also announced a few upgrades to the 2019 Mustang lineup.

Manual-equipped 5.0-liter models will get new rev-matching technology for smoother shifting. Hereís how Ford describes it:

ďAdvanced rev-matching helps smooth out shifts by first predicting shifts then quickly matching engine rpm Ė similar to the heel-and-toe methods the pros use. On downshifts, engine rpm instantly kicks up to smooth out the transition between gears.Ē

The EcoBoost model isnít left out of the action. Fordís active valve performance exhaust quad-tip exhaust system is now available on those models.

The Mustang will also now offer the first-ever custom-tuned premium B&O PLAY audio system. Weíre talking 12-speakers, a 10-channel amplifier and 1,000 watts of power.

Enthusiasts can also choose from new vintage-inspired colors: Velocity Blue, Need for Green and the iconic Bullitt modelís exclusive Dark Highland Green. Shadow Black and Magnetic Gray will still be available for those preferring a more subtle road presence.

The 2019 Mustang goes on sale this summer.

History of the Special Edition

We owe the first California Special to regional dealers who personalized the Mustang when it first hit the streets in 1964. One of those designs, inspired by the 1967 Shelby GT notchback coupe prototype, came to be known as the California Special.

It featured a blacked-out grille, fog lamps and a side racing stripe that ended ahead of a new rear fender scoop. It wore a Shelby-inspired spoiler, custom taillamps, and twist-lock hood fasteners. Ford liked the look so much it put a limited number of California Specials into production for 1968.

Check out the chart below for a little more history.

California Special Info

Photo Credit: Ford
Keith P.
I have a 1968 CA Specisl original owner we paid $3,300 off the showroom floor. It?s sea foam green and it?s original in excellent condition. I also bought brand new a 2007 Ca Special. The year before I bought new a 2006 CA edition and Ford numbered them mine is 226 our of 400 if you like to see pictures of any of them I would be happy to send them to you