Automaker Ads Score Big During Super Bowl

Credit: Mercedes-Benz
The Big Game was not only a fierce competition between the top two professional football teams, it was also a battleground for the five automakers that ran a combined six commercials during the game on Sunday, tallying six minutes and 30 seconds in total airtime, at a reported 5.5 million dollars per 30 seconds. analyzed site traffic throughout the evening to determine which auto ads generated the greatest amount of online car-shopping activity during game time. The results show a 384 percent combined lift in traffic to the automakers' brand pages on that advertised during the game.

"Our site analytics prove that millions of fans use a second screen to visit during major live televised events like the Big Game to research, shop and connect with dealers in real-time and we're there to help get them over the goal line," said Brooke Skinner Ricketts, chief marketing officer at "With 19 million ready-to-buy consumers coming to our site each month, we have an eagle eye's view on car-shopping behavior across every state and auto brand. Shoppers are coming to after seeing automaker ads on TV looking for unbiased information, trusted pricing tools, and the power to easily cross-shop multiple makes and models."

Of the automakers that invested in airtime during the game, Hyundai ranked No. 1 in traffic to Within eight minutes of its commercial airing, visits to Hyundai brand pages on saw an 1,831 percent increase in comparison to the same time period prior to the airing of its spot.

Here's the full ranking of automakers that advertised during the game and the resulting impact on online shopping activity on

  1. Hyundai: 1,831%
  2. Mercedes-Benz: 720%
  3. Audi: 691%
  4. Toyota (after RAV4 Hybrid commercial): 225%
  5. Toyota (after Supra commercial): 138%
  6. Kia: -14%

Mobile visits also continued to grow throughout the game, with 74.2% of visits coming from a mobile device during the game, up from 69.2% before the game started. reported on its Q3 2018 earnings call that 68 percent of its network traffic comes from a mobile device.

If you missed any of the ads, you can click these links:

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