Feedback On True Story #33: Before Demos

Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last weeks True Story, which was about the cars I owned when I was a teenager. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all at the bottom of my FAQ page:


Oh Jerry, been there and done that and I wasnt even working at a car dealership! My first car was a 69 Chevelle with a 230 6-cyl and a three on the tree, and there have been many, many, many cars and pickups since then. I was also a Pontiac fan, back when Pontiacs could still be had with real Pontiac engines. The last one I had a 1979 Trans Am, but mine was a Gold Special Edition car, Gold on gold with the big gold bird, WS6 package-400 Pontiac engine, 4 speed manual, T-tops, it was a great car. A guy in a new 911 Porsche didnt like that car much, it kept pace with him to well past 130


I used to be a bank loan officer. I started when the good old days were coming to an end. Now days the paperwork is everything, but you gotta love the 1.9% Interest Rates! Great read, Jerry.


Love your stories Jerry I drove a 375 hp 66 SS 396 Chevelle that looked like your first car. It was my sisters car, she had no idea how fast it was. About my third car was a 67 Buick Riveria, and being familiar with the Chevelle I think the Riveria used the same body except for the front group. They were all good looking cars.

Like your Trans Am that you only kept for 800 miles, My dream car was ordering a 454 74 Corvette. The last year for Big Blocks in the Corvette. It took about 8 months to come, it couldnt live up to my expectations. I was able to buy it loaded for $1000. under sticker, which was $7800. I sold it to a Beverly Hills Doctor for his 16 year old son.

Thanks for the memories Jerry. You help us look back, and look ahead.


Jerry, I love your stories. You are a natural and the way they unfold, I am just held speechless reading. My first car was a 1957 Pontiac. I was in the Marines and drove it from Natchitoches, La to Camp Pendleton. It was the runningist car I ever owned. One night, when I lived in San Clemente, I parked on edge of town, let traffic die down and hit 101 wide open, the San Onofre river bottom was about 3 miles wide and I was still getting faster, with needle buried below 120, when I looked up and saw the blinking lights. I pulled over and the California State Patrol driving 1958 Pontiac came by full blast, and I sat and waited. Finally drove to next turn around, and he came back wide open. When I returned to the river bottom, the Border Patrol was checking for illegals. they shined a light in my eyes, asked where I was going, and said I am stationed at Camp Pendleton, and going home to San Clemente, they said Go Ahead. Never saw the State Trooper again. The only explanation I can come up with is the lanes were divided about 1/4 mile, and he was sitting there, when I blazed past at over 120, and he may have been dozing off. By the time he got on the freeway heading after me, I was over the next hill. I was shaking by the time I got home. But WOW would that car run!!!
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