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Here are some of my favorite comments on our website from last weeks which was about my feelings on our flag, our military, our first responders, and the days after 9/11. By the way, if you have missed any of the previous stories, they are all here on a new special page:

Jerry, thanks for you patriotism, support of our military and for sharing another personal story. Always look forward to reading them.

God bless you, Jerry Reynolds. I have tears in my eyes as I read this.

Jerry, thank you for your support of the military. When I came home from Vietnam a young officer recommended we travel in civies. I was a young Master Sergeant I did not follow his advice. I was and still proud I was good enough to earn those stripes. On my front lawn is a 25-foot flagpole is an AMERICAN and TEXAS flag with a light on them!

Jerry, I applaud your patriotism. The flag of the United States is a great symbol of that patriotism and to display it proudly and properly is a great thing. My only wish is that all who display it would do it properly. Such as illuminating any flag displayed at night, which many, unfortunately, do not do, especially businesses. And, flying the flag from your car/truck is fine as well, so long as proper respect for it is taken into consideration. I see lots of 18- wheelers during my travels, with the American flag hung from them, shredded from being beaten to death at 70 mph, and filthy from road grime. To me this is disrespectful, not the way a true patriot treats the symbol of our nation. Display the flag, but do it respectfully!
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