Flooded Cars Flooding The Market: Check Your VIN Free

A new and somewhat startling report by CarFax shows what I have warned about for some time now: Flooded cars are showing up.

According to CarFax, nearly half-a-million flood cars are back on the road nationwide, as more than 150,000 resurfaced over the past year, since Hurricane Harvey. Flooded cars rot from the inside out, likely causing safety, health and financial problems for unsuspecting buyers of these waterlogged wrecks. There are flooded cars on the road or possibly up for sale in every state.


  • 478,000 flooded vehicles on the road is a 47% spike from 2017, when Harvey and Irma hit the U.S.
  • TX, FL, PA, KY and LA have the most flooded cars back in use; Houston, NYC, Miami, Philadelphia and Dallas are the top metro areas.

Here are the top 10 cities in America with flooded cars:

  • Houston: 127,605
  • New York: 17,110
  • Miami: 15,607
  • Philadelphia: 14,869
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: 12,258
  • Chicago: 11,265
  • Tampa: 8,087
  • Detroit: 7,264
  • San Antonio: 6,838
  • Minneapolis: 6,725

Check your VIN FREE to see if your car has had flood damage:

For a limited time, CarFax is offering free checks to see if your vehicle has had any flood damage reported. The offer will not cover other previous damage, mileage discrepancies, etc. If you have purchased a pre-owned vehicle in the last few years, I would recommend you click on the link below and enter your 17-digit VIN:

Last year, I gave you 10 tips to avoid buying a flood-damaged car, you can find that information here:


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/FEMA
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