In Memoriam: Remembering DFW New Car Dealers Association President Lee Chapman

I received the terrible news Monday of this week with the news that Lee Chapman had unexpectedly passed away. Lee was the President of the DFW New Car Dealers Association and a dear friend.

Many of you heard Lee on the Despreporno Show. He was in the studio with us at WBAP for many years before the Dallas Auto Show and the Fort Worth Auto Show. The national audience has also heard Lee, we always did a brief interview with him from both auto shows.

Lee was a true gentleman. He was soft-spoken and I don’t think he had a temper. Big auto shows are stressful, but I never saw him break a sweat. He temperament was calm, peaceful, and he always had a smile.

Lee oversaw the merger of the dealer associations of Dallas and Fort Worth into one big association some years ago, after being two separate associations for many, many years.

Lee was shy by nature, for years he would not come on the show live, and a TV interview was out of the question. As time went on, he became more comfortable behind a microphone and I would like to think I had something to do with that.

The auto world around DFW will never be the same without Lee Chapman.

He passed away sometime Sunday night in his sleep, just the way I would have expected him to…calm to the final moment, probably on his own terms.

Here is a video of Kevin and me with Lee at the DFW Auto Show last year:
Lee did an amazing job with the auto shows, the dealers in Dallas-Fort Worth, and in a legislative role locally, statewide, and nationally.

Rest in peace my friend, and thank you for a job very well done. You will be missed more than you know.
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