This 2019 Lexus UX Is Rolling On Nike-Inspired Tires

Credit: Lexus
As far as tires go, these have to be some of the coolest weve seen yet. They are bespoke tires modeled to look like sneakers. And not just any sneakers, designer John Elliots sneakers.

They are part of Lexus collaboration with Elliott for the new UX compact crossover launch. Seen here on a custom all-white UX, the tires have white on white layers, double-stitched leather and a stepped metal air valve evocative of his stacked metal lace tip.

The first-ever Lexus UX was engineered and designed for the city, said Lisa Materazzo, Lexus vice president of marketing. We wanted to push that concept even further by creating the ultimate homage to urban style: tires inspired by classic, street-style sneakers.

Lexus UX bespoke tires
Credit: Lexus

Of course, this is a one-off set of custom rubber wheels. Actually producing these might not be so practical since they are well, er, white. Not saying we wouldnt mind a set of them in our driveway, though, just for looks alone.

Sole of the UX will make additional appearances throughout the country later this year.
Just one more really ugly Lexus feature to go along with the really really ugly front end !!!
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