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Last VW Beetle Rolls Off The Line
Volkswagen is bidding goodbye to the iconic Beetle.

After its multi-generational run as a brand mainstay and global automotive phenomenon, the last Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the line earlie... Find out8250;
Clearly Texans Love To Drive Fast
In Texas, there are places where the speed limit is 85-miles per hour. Of course, that means you can go 94 in the minds of the people of the great State of Texas.

If you need proof of our need... Find out8250;
Ford, Volkswagen Expand Alliance To Develop Electric Vehicles
Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG are expanding their global alliance to include electric vehicles. The two brands say they will collaborate with Argo AI to introduce autonomous vehicle technology ... Find out8250;
Subaru Destroying 2,100 New Outback, Legacy Models
Subaru has discovered an issue with some 2019 Outbacks and Legacys so serious it will be cheaper to scrap them than fix them. The problem is faulty welds that can cause accidents and serious injuries.... Find out8250;
Take A Look At The 2019 Lexus UX
The 2019 Lexus UX is Lexus' newest and smallest crossover, slotting under the NX. Learn more about the UX and Lexus' new Complete Lease Program (exclusively offered on the UX in select states) in our ... Find out8250;
Best July 2019 Certified Pre-Owned Deals
Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles remain a hot commodity, and car dealers fight over them. It is a typical supply and demand situation.

The editors at Autotrader have given their opinion on w... Find out8250;
Car Care Council: Change Your Spark Plugs
The non-profit Car Care Council is once again reminding us all about the importance of vehicle maintenance, and in this case specifically the spark plug. It may be a small engine part, but the spark p... Find out8250;
Top-Selling Full-Sized Trucks Year-To-Date
Although America has gone crazy for SUVs and crossovers, pickup trucks still take the top 3 spots in overall sales supremacy. The surprise this year has been the success of the new Ram pickups. For ... Find out8250;
2020 Lincoln Navigator Offers New Monochromatic Themes, Find outandard Tech
Some updates are coming to Lincolnís popular Navigator SUV that was redesigned in 2018, its first overhaul in a decade.

New Monochromatic ThemesThe 2020 Lincoln Navigator lineup will include t... Find out8250;
2020 Lexus LS 500 Limited Edition Inspiration Series
Lexus is introducing its first-ever Inspiration Series sedan, the LS 500 Inspiration. It will be a limited edition offered on the brandís flagship sedan and we do mean limited, as in only 300 will be ... Find out8250;
25 Top-Selling SUVs Year-To-Date: All Brands Included
The craze continues! SUVs continue to outpace every other segment, and in fact, sales in June 2019 versus 2018 were up 44,000 SUVs despite the overall market being down slightly. RAV4 continues to wi... Find out8250;
2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Is Coming
In what might possibly be the worst kept secret of the year, Dodge confirms it is expanding its high-performance Charger models for 2020, adding a Widebody Package to Americaís only four-door muscle c... Find out8250;
Dealer Attitude Survey: Which Car Dealers Are The Happiest?
Lexus dealers are the happiest dealers according to the latest dealer attitude survey from the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA). The organization surveys new car dealer/owners twice every year... Find out8250;
First-Ever Mini Electric Debuts Ahead Of Early 2020 Arrival
The MINI brand of vehicles could certainly use a boost if you look at the year-to-date sales numbers we posted here. MINI ranks 29ths in volume out of 34 brands available in America. Parent company B... Find out8250;
June U.S. Auto Sales Results
We did not get sales results in time for last weekís abbreviated newsletter, but at least we have results from every automaker since the unpopular decision by Ford and General Motors to only post quar... Find out8250;
One Of My Heroes: RIP Lee Iacocca
As a young man in the car business, Lee Iacocca was bigger than life. Hard charging, charismatic, cigar smoking, and no fear were among the many things he was known for.

Lido Anthony "Lee" Iac... Find out8250;
Used Car Values Remain Strong
I often talk on the CarProUSA radio show that I try to monitor used car prices every Wednesday at the Manheim Dallas auction VIA simulcast. I keep being amazed by the prices of SUVs and pickups. It ... Find out8250;
U.S. Auto Sales By Brand Year-To-Date
June sales have two automakers that hit the one million sales mark, with Ford and Toyota making that milestone. From there, the numbers start to nosedive, but Chevy has a commanding lead over Honda, ... Find out8250;
How To Keep Your Car From Being Stolen On July 4th
July 4th isnít just a popular holiday for watching fireworks. Itís also a popular holiday for car thieves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reports that more than 8,000 vehicles were stolen ... Find out8250;
Record-High 41.4 Million Americans Hitting The Roads For July 4th
Find outericans than ever recorded by AAA, nearly 49 million, are making plans to honor the red, white and blue with an Independence Day getaway this year. Thatís a 4.1% rise over last year, to the tun... Find out8250;

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