Factory Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Extended Warranties
   Published June 10, 2019
I talk about Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles on my radio show often. Simply put, I am a believer and have been since we first started hearing about these programs, which was in the late 1990s. When I was the Ford National Dealer Council Chairman in 2000-2003, Ford Motor asked us to study the CPO programs that were out there and come up with one the dealers would embrace.

I traveled the country talking to dealers and used car managers until we came out with a program that everyone liked.  Read Find out>
Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?
   Published February 15, 2018
[Editors Note: This post has been republished since its original posting date.]

We had a listener last Saturday who purchased an aftermarket extended warranty from a dealer. He was contemplating canceling the warranty because it was not a Ford Motor Company backed warranty. Here is the answer to his concern and my overall thoughts on extended warranties.

Are Extended Warranties a Good Investment?
I think an extended warranty on a car is a good investment. If you have not priced  Read Find out>
The Factory Warranty Repair Process At Car Dealerships
   Published June 15, 2017
We had a Despreporno Show listener last Saturday from New Jersey perplexed over the fact that his truck had been in a dealership service department for eight weeks with no end in sight. I see this with every brand vehicle made. I suggested he the manufacturer directly and if not resolved, to try to invoke the Lemon Law, which every state has.

Factory Vehicle Warranties
I get a lot of questions from listeners and viewers about their vehicle warranty. Not just the initial warranty, but  Read Find out>
A Warning About Third Party Extended Warranties
   Published August 1, 2016
If you are a regular listener to the show, for years I have told you that if a warranty company s you by mail, , or phone, IGNORE IT. Heres why:

Customers who were deceived by illegal robocalls and fooled into paying thousands of dollars for fraudulent extended warranties will receive more than $4.2 million, the Federal Trade Commission said last week.

The defendants, Fereidoun Fred Khalilian and his company, Dolce Group Worldwide, did business as My Car Solutions. Company  Read Find out>


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