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Lincoln Stahl
CarProUSA Specialist
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Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
4000 Pasadena Freeway
Pasadena, TX

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Dealer Rating

Below you can learn more about this dealer by reading other customers' ratings and feedback. If you have connected with this dealer we would like to hear about your experience too.

April 23, 2019
Gary A.
Good inventory, great people with lots of product knowledge. We just couldn't quite come to terms due primarily to my 16-year old Ram 1500 trade-in. I should have sold the vehicle first before coming into the dealership. That's my fault. I believe the "Ski" family has the right people in the right places and, this dealership should do quite well. I have no reservations about recommending them to family or friends.

April 8, 2019
David L.
I got a message saying somebody was going to call me. Nobody ever called me.

March 6, 2019
Andrew H.
I purchased a new 2019 Ram truck last month and I cannot express enough, my frustration in this deal. I came in on Saturday January 26th as a referral from the CarPro USA radio show/website. I had inquired about a 2018 Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition, that I had found on the web site, while on my way from Montgomery County. It was listed wit a CarPro price of around $28,990. I don't recall the exact price, but it was $28,9xx something. I first spoke with salesman Javier Guerrero. I showed him the truck, on my phone. He looked it up and said that it had been sold. He offered to see what else was available in that price range. I accepted. I told me that he found a 2019 for $1000 less than that one. I test drove it and liked it.

I wound up purchasing the truck and during the financing process, the payments offered were going to be much more than told him that I could pay. I had planned to put a down payment of $2500. With that payment being so high, I was going to walk away, but my mother, who was with me, offered to add an additional $7500, to bring the payment down for me. I wish that I had read the contract more carefully, because when I had a chance to carefully look over the numbers The truck was $33,297. FIVE THOUSAND over what I was expecting to buy the truck for!!! I was scheduled, the following Wednesday (January 30), to bring the truck back in for a bed liner, window tint and interior/exterior protection. When I did, I brought this discrepancy up with Javier. He told me that he never saw a $28,9xx price. Unfortunately, for me, I did not screen capture the web page. Why would I, that original truck wasn't even in stock any more.

I wound up speaking with Allaa Maayah, who told me that what I saw was likely rebates that I did not qualify for. However, nothing was ever mentioned about that. And, this was the carpro price. They show the Carpro no haggle price. Not "What the price could be, if you qualify for these extra rebates!" They had also, originally mentioned an extra thousand dollars off, if I could show proof that if I had had a different brand truck, previously. I never saw that reflect on the contract. Allaa Maayah had offered me a thousand dollars off on a new contract, a tri-fold tonneau bed cover. I did get the thousand dollars, but more than 4 weeks later, I still have not received the tri-fold tonneau bed cover. It was supposed to be shipped to my house.

I was waiting to receive my bed cover to decide on the review that I was going to give and having waited more than 5 weeks, I can tell you that it will NOT be favorable. After being apparently bait-and-switched from a truck that was supposed to a thousand less than the one that I had inquired about, I wind up getting one for FOUR THOUSAND MORE, I have had a sick pit in my stomach, since. Since then, I have seen the same model and year truck advertised at all of the competing dealerships, now with ZERO percent financing for 72 months. That sours me even more.

I will definitely make my experience known on my RAM survey, Facebook, Google, Yelp & One last thing, I was never told that I was being charged extra $250 for the Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Coverage. Rey Gomez, the finance manager, said that he was going to give me the coverage. I can buy a new tire for less than $250. I have AAA Premium, so I have towing covered, as well. I was also never told that the VIN Etch was an additional $299. Overall, what I thought was going to be a great truck buying experience, is turning out to be my worst. So far, the only good thing to come out of this experience, is that I really like the truck.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Andrew, Thank you for your feedback. We take these experiences seriously, and have directed your message to our at the dealership. We rely on customers like you to let us know when our expectations of the CarProUSA dealers are not met. We hope you are enjoying your new truck.

February 22, 2019
Rose M.
The folks here are wonderful! They really worked so hard to get me into a vehicle that not only I was happy with but also a price that I loved! It was an amazing experience. Best vehicle purchase experience of my life. I highly recommend this dealer. Go see Juan Rico and Jose Molina.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Rose, We appreciate your feedback concerning your recent purchase experience there at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Juan and Jose always do an excellent job for us. Congratulations on that new vehicle! We do thank you for being a valued show listener, and Juan, Jose, and the entire team at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram do want to thank you for your business!
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Rose, We appreciate your feedback concerning your recent purchase experience there at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Juan and Jose always do an excellent job for us. Congratulations on that new vehicle! We do thank you for being a valued show listener, and Juan, Jose, and the entire team at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram do want to thank you for your business!

February 21, 2019
Michael A.
Excellent service. Everyone was friendly and wanted to help me any way they could.
Response from CarProUSA
Hi Michael, Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We're so happy to hear that your recent purchase experience at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram went so well. James and his team at Bayway always do an outstanding job. Congratulations on that new vehicle. and we do thank you for being a valued show listener! James and the entire team at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram do thank you for your business!

February 15, 2019
Michael A.
I had a good experience. They explained each step as we went through process. While my salesman was gone I was always asked if I was being helped.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Michael, We do appreciate this feedback regarding your recent purchase experience at Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. James always does a fantastic job. Congratulations on your new vehicle, and thank you for being a valued CarProUSA listener! James and the entire team at Bayway are very excited for you and they do thank you so much for your business!

February 8, 2019
Rita H.
This was for my daughter. Her car came in today and she goes Saturday to finish the deal with Manny. He has been awesome with her. She knows just what she wants and he has gotten her the whole package. Thanks for the referral. I will be dealing with your certified dealers in the future.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Rita, It's so great to hear of your recent purchase with Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Congratulations! We do appreciate your feedback, and we're glad to have you as a valued show listener and reader!

October 16, 2018
Nick I.
The Jeep was delivered to me. Was a fantastic experience, easy, no pressure and timely. New Fan of Bayway and staff. Thanks for the referral.

August 23, 2018
Paul D.
As soon as I submitted my intent to look at new/used Jeeps on a Thursday, I was ed by Todd Bates the sales GM there. He told me that his go to guy is Tony Rizzo and both of them would see me on Saturday. Todd's phone call was followed up very shortly by an from Tony Rizzo. I ed Tony my very specific requirements and that I would see him Saturday. When I showed up Tony introduced me to Todd and then Tony showed me one car, one price. I bought it right then and there. No hassle, no pressure, just the best car buying experience I've ever had. My wife commented on how smooth the process was. Jerry, they even have a cardboard cutout of you at the dealership. Thanks very much for your help!
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