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Zac Cypert
CarProUSA Specialist
Call or Text:
Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land
13115 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX

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Dealer Rating

Below you can learn more about this dealer by reading other customers' ratings and feedback. If you have connected with this dealer we would like to hear about your experience too.

May 12, 2019
James S.
This is a revised rating. After some post purchase feedback from me, the dealer refunded a portion of my payment. Lesson learned: talk to the CarPro rep from the beginning and throughout the purchase exercise, in this case, Zac Cypert, who came through for me in the end.

May 3, 2019
James S.
I'm not sure I got a "good deal". There was no sticker available to review the manufacturer list of features, packages and other adds for the vehicle, just an MSRP a list of dealer added options. This was supposedly due to it being a "special order" (not by me) vehicle. I tried to generate a dealer sticker using the Chevy website and got a total price (including estimated TTL and dealer options) that was almost $2700 less. Also, the dealer installed options I asked for required a considerable time so we didn't leave the dealership with the vehicle until 7PM. I had suggested this be deferred until another day so we could get home at a reasonable time.

April 11, 2019
Awesome experience in which they did more than expected.

March 21, 2019
Katie H.
Great service and they made me feel like a true VIP. I tell everyone I know that is looking for a car to use CarProUSA.

March 11, 2019
Craig M.
I went in wanting my payments to be around $350-$370. During negotiations I gave them another $30 a month to work with. The best they could do was $430 a month. They let me walk over $30 a month in my payment. 5 days later I went to Classic of Houston and got the payment I wanted for the exact same car just in a different color. I rate a 3 because it wasn't a terrible experience but I believe they should have been able to get me where I needed to be based on my deal with Classic of Houston. I doubt I would ever give them another chance to sell me a car.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Mr. Miller, Thank you for sending us your feedback. We always strive to do everything we can to complete every deal as close to what the customer wants as possible. $30.00 does not sound like a lot but it represents about $2200.00 in cost for 72 months at 0%. I offered to split the difference, but that wasn't the deal you were looking for. So we parted friends and said goodbye. I tried several times to follow up with you, but I had no luck. Thank you for considering us, we hope you found what you were looking for. - Zac Cypert; New Car Sales Director at Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land.

March 7, 2019
Mark R.
This is the second time I have used the CarPro program. We had most everything handled over and telephone so their were no surprises. Classic Chevrolet is 50 miles from my house (I pass 4 other Chevy dealerships to get to Classic) but well worth the short drive. Aaron and the entire team were awesome to work with and listened to what I needed to leave a happy customer. I was not there much over an hour in total. Everything was ready when I arrived so it was an easy and simple process, again.

February 18, 2019
Sherry C.
I thought the dealership was clean and nice and the salesmen couldn't have been nicer, but they couldn't get a deal as good as the one that Mac Haik offered me for a new Tahoe. I ended up making a deal there.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Sherry, Thank you for your valuable comments and feedback concerning your recent visit with Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land! Aaron and Zac always do an excellent job there. We do thank you for being a valued show listener, and the team at Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land does thank you for the opportunity to help!

February 9, 2019
Bret H.
Kap and the team at Classic were great. I purchased two vehicles from them and they are my dealership.

January 15, 2019
James U.
The entire process was seemless. From the moment I stepped out of my old truck to the minute I drove off in my new one, I felt more like the dealership was assisting me in buying a truck rather than trying to sell me a truck.

November 5, 2018
Chris V.
Same no stress no pressure experience I had with my last Care Pro purchase. Only way buy an auto.

October 31, 2018
Bill P.
Classic Chevrolet was very helpful in showing the available options on a new Silverado. It made my choice of vehicles possible.They were very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous in purchasing a new Silverado.. Thanks!

October 18, 2018
Ben M.
Nice, easy, and convenient

October 12, 2018
Charles D.
2nd truck purchased there with certificate. Both great experiences.

August 26, 2018
Philip P.
I hate the very idea of being at an auto dealer… I've been lied to and taken advantage of so many times that I’d given up hope of ever being treated right by any car dealer. I’d heard Jerry Reynolds (CarProUSA) talk on KTRH about Classic Chevy Sugar Land and the CarPro VIP guarantee and I allowed myself to believe there might be hope. I intended to put it to the test, fully expecting to walk out 15 minutes later disappointed. A few minutes after registering on CarPro, I started getting text messages that I’d be welcomed when I got there – they did exactly that. It didn’t take long for Jason to find the right truck and he had to move other trucks out of the way to get to it. I got better pricing and extras than I had ever expected. It still took four hours, but it didn’t feel like it. Brian, Robert, Rick and even Jeff Sebastian (Executive Manager) stopped to introduce themselves and check on my experience. Less than 200 miles of driving the truck, I picked up a flat tire. I called just as they were closing up shop and my service guy (Mike) made sure I had the info I needed on my new truck to get the spare put on – Jason and Mike sent pictures by phone because I had left my manual at home. They did this after hours. I took it in the next morning and they got it fixed and me back on the road. They proved that they take care of their customers. My expectation of a bad experience was thoroughly destroyed. I won’t let down my guard as continue to work with this dealer, but I now have hope that it won’t hurt when I do.

August 21, 2018
Michael S.
Car was ready for test drive upon arrival and drove home with car within an hour and half upon arrival. Was given free auto window tint with purchase and took car back the next day for install.

August 12, 2018
Second car purchased from frank. Really smooth process with straight talk.

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