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Dylan Ebbs
CarProUSA Specialist
Call or Text:
Gay Family Kia
3001 Gulf Freeway
Dickinson, TX

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Dealer Rating

Below you can learn more about this dealer by reading other customers' ratings and feedback. If you have connected with this dealer we would like to hear about your experience too.

July 4, 2019
MIke H.
Dylan was very helpful in assisting my wife and I in our consideration of purchasing a new Telluride. They had just received the new shipment in that morning and we took a test drive. We explained that we were also considering the Hyundai Pallisade and would be driving it the next day. Dylan was very patient and answered all of our questions, but the dealership did not have the exact car that my wife was looking for (color, seats, etc) and that they did not have any enroute that matched her requirements. To get what she wanted, they would have had to special order the vehicle. But he got us a trade value for her 2014 Honda Odyssey to use in our comparison with the Pallisade. We parted ways on a very friendly basis. Dylan represented the dealership in a very professional manner.
Response from CarProUSA
On behalf of CarProUSA and Gay Family KIA, I would like to thank you for sharing this great review! We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with Dylan. Please come visit CarProUSA and (dealer name) again soon!

June 30, 2019
Dan S.
We ed Dylan at Gay Family Kia and he ed me back the next morning. He gave me a quote before going to dealer ship. We went for test drive, and he even cut our interest rate with Kia financing.
Response from CarProUSA
Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. It is wonderful to hear that CarProUSA and gay Family KIA were able to provide you with the excellent experience we strive to provide all our customers. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

March 9, 2019
William J.
My 2014 Kia Soul + had over 83,000 miles and was beginning to experience some issues so I dropped it off for service at my local Kia dealership. It had served me well and, most importantly, physically fit me better than anything else I could find in its class. I purchased it 50 miles from my home at Cowboy Kia in Conroe, Texas, a CarPro dealership at the time. I received a pleasing deal on the car and was pleasantly surprised with the way I was treated. It left a lasting impression, and I told everyone I knew about my CarPro experience.

While at my local dealership (which is not a CarPro dealer) I looked at new Souls and was presented with an impressive deal on a 2019 Soul +. Remembering my CarPro experience I felt compelled to recapture it and sought out my current CarPro Kia dealership. I didn't think twice about travelling the 30 miles to Gay Kia in Dickinson, Texas.

About three days before the end of the month I registered on the CarPro site. I received a call from Dylan at Gay Kia within a minute of hitting the Enter button on my keyboard. I asked him if I needed to set an appointment to come in and explained that I wouldn't be able to until the weekend, after months end. Dylan immediately asked why I couldn't come in sooner, making me feel uncomfortable.

I managed to visit Dylan at Gay Kia late on the last day of the month. He was very pleasant and easy to talk with. I explained what I was looking for. After some time with his Manager, he presented an offer which wasn't that impressive. It consisted of unnamed figures written with a highlighter on a blank page. This seemed unprofessional to me giving the impression of attempting to hide and confuse information, not to make things clear. Upon further discussion it became apparent the deal included items added by the dealership and I was required to delete them if I didn't want them. He indicated this was the CarPro discount and was the best he could do. This proved to be wrong.

I showed him the better offer I got from my local dealership and, after a time, he produced a final offer closer to that one. I thanked him for his time and for not mentioning the end of the month urgency. In this final offer though, the separate line items did not add up to the final price. It seemed that there were aspects of the deal that weren't apparent until I noticed and asked about it. I had to call Dylan back and ask for clarification. Even then, it wasn't clear.

Altogether this left me feeling uneasy about dealing with Gay Kia and I ended up purchasing from my local Kia dealership.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello William, Thank you for your feedback. We take these experiences seriously, and have directed your message to our at the dealership. We rely on customers like you to let us know when our expectations of the CarProUSA dealers are not met. We hope you are enjoying your new KIA.

February 9, 2019
Peter D.
Dylan was a very good salesman. He helped us figure out what we would like. The problem was that what we liked didn't fit our current budget, therefore we decided to wait a few years then look again. Dylan did everything humanly possible to make it work for us but it just was not to be at this time. We would certainly go back to him again when our situation changes.
Response from CarProUSA
We are pleased you had a great experience at Gay Family Kia! Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for.

November 15, 2018
Todd S.
Great experience.

August 28, 2018
Jim F.
Excellent buying experience. The Kia Optima that I purchased fits my needs perfectly. All of the personnel were helpful and friendly. The best part of the experience was the explanation of all the features of the car.

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