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Grant Salge
General Sales Manager
Mazda Of Elk Grove
8588 Laguna Grove Dr.
Elk Grove, CA

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June 14, 2019
Barbara E.
Very kind and helpful - just didn't have all we were looking for!
Response from CarProUSA
Barbara, Thank you for your kind words. We truly value you and want you to know we are always here for any questions you may have. Lorraine Gutierrez, Marketing Manager, Mazda of Elk Grove

June 9, 2019
I was paying by check and had arranged a day to pick up the vehicle but could not as it was not explained to me that you have to pay first, then the options we wanted are installed, then the car is delivered. Payment process is overly long and complex even when paying by check. The vehicle was delivered with a patently obvious defect in the A pillar drivers side. We have not even driven the vehicle Mazda3 hatchback and already have to take in to be repaired Very, very disappointing.I called the general dealership phone number and could never get thru to anyone, I called the sales number and again no one answered. After five or so tries I finally called parts dept and left a message for the carpro manger to call me and he has not yet done so.
Response from CarProUSA
Mr. Streng, this is Grant Salge, General Sales Manager here at Mazda of Elk Grove. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. I am very disheartened to hear you are so upset and I again want to apologize for any miscommunication. It is company policy that the vehicle is signed for prior to installing and additional accessories. In addition, it is also company policy to confirm the identity of our clients when accepting personal checks. This not only protects us but also our clients from any potential fraudulent activity. Know that we truly care about your experience and appreciate the opportunity you gave us to try and make it right. We will definitely use this as a learning experience as we move forward.

May 13, 2019
Jim P.
The buying experience was a pleasure!

May 11, 2019
Bob a.
Very professional and informative. While we didn't do a purchase at Mazda of Elk Grove it was a very good experience.
Jerry, we decided to lease another Edge from Elk Grove because it works so well for us. Karen loved her 2016 Edge so it just made the decision easy. Johnnie the lease manager and Rachel made us smokin' deal and it went so smoothly. Took care of the lease return transparently. Paperwork took no time. The process was kind of like a family reunion I guess. Can't say enough good things about the Elk Grove Ford team. They are the very best. And further, their service department is top notch. Heck all we did with the '16 Edge was routine maintenance. What more can we say.
Thank you Jerry.

Bob and Karen

May 9, 2019
David L.
They gave me a great no hassle deal and made sure I received all the the incentives Mazda was offering. It was clear and concise with nothing hiding and wanted to make sure I was happy.

May 8, 2019
Scott J.
My experience with Juan was top notch. After ing him through the Despreporno website, he called me within 30 minutes. I had selected a Miata from their inventory and he assured me he would have this ready for my appointment with him a few days later. Juan followed up with me through text a couple times leading up to our Saturday appointment, including Saturday morning with a picture of the new Miata waiting for me. After making this arrangement with Juan, I also ed Elk Grove Ford through Despreporno. I had an appointment with Rachel at Elk Grove Ford that morning. After driving the 2019 Mustang Ecoboost, I decided to go that route. I texted Juan at Mazda with my regrets and he was very gracious and understanding with my decision. I am certain the Miata and my experience at Mazda of Elk Grove would have been great. Perhaps a Mazda will be in the cards later. As of now, I am enjoying my new Mustang. I will continue to listen to Despreporno. Thanks for what you do.

April 12, 2019
Samuel C.
We showed up at the Elk Grove Mazda dealership the day before and got just "OK" reception from the staff. It was a bit disappointing. After listening to your weekend show for sometime, I finally said to myself, "Let's see if Jerry's plan really works ". I immediately went to to your website and requested the VIP Priority Pass.

We showed up the next day with our VIP Priority Pass and were instantly treated like we were very special. The VIP experience was fast and friendly. They worked with my 3rd. son ( I have four sons and a daughter ) and located the exact Mazda 6, "Luxury" car he wanted. I stepped back and smiled since I usually have to spend hours negotiating car trim options ,colors, prices and then in the finance office, negotiation of pricing starts all over again. I just trusted your plan, let go and let it happen. It's funny for me to trust someone else to negotiate for me as that usually is my job and fiscal responsibility.

So that's one more car purchase for the family Thanks for making it easy to lease a car. We' ll do it again. Next car is for me!


April 2, 2019
John H.
I had a good experience with my shopping and purchase. However, I don't think I got a better price than a regular customer. Since I learned from your radio show that March 31 ended the fiscal year for Mazda, I received $5,000 off MSRP. So I am still happy with price I received and no pressure service. Jerry Reynolds recommended the Mazda3 after I asked him opinion about the Volkswagon Golf. I think the Mazda was the better choice and better deal. I love the Mazda.

September 3, 2018
G.L.Kies Gregory [email protected]
One of the easiest, fastest, most enjoyable car buying experience in the past 10 years! Friendly and efficient staff, a GREAT deal on a new 2018 CX-5. Awesome dealership !

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