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Tom Flory
General Manager
Call or Text:
Serra Honda
951 Interstate Parkway
Akron, OH

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July 16, 2019
Donald K.
Jerry and Kevin:
My wife had a 2004 Honda Pilot when I married her. We have two kids and it's been a good grocery getter/station wagon. We took it to Myrtle Beach in the beginning of June and it turned 252K miles on the way home. Still running and driving great but sporting a little rust in around the back wheel arches.
Jerry says it's better to sell a car when it's running good and worth something rather than wait for something expensive to break and render it worthless. We put it on Craig's list. It sold on Saturday afternoon, 15 June. That afternoon we took our 15 Passat to LaFontaine Volvo in Farmington Hills, MI. They had a White 2013 Pilot EXL with 84K miles (still there last Saturday). It had been in a couple non-airbag deploy hits, the front bumper didn't line up, the passenger mirror cover was falling off, steering pulled to the right and needed brakes and the headliner was filthy. $18.5 as is and they're still working the OK Deal. Needless to say, we walked. had a 67K mile 2013 White Pilot at Apostolakis Honda in Cortland, OH near Akron and your web site was showing an 86.7K mile Silver 2014 at Serra Honda. Wife wants white.
Over the weekend I sent an to Apostolakis and got my Car Show VIP certificate at your site. Darren at Apostaolakis was Johnny on the spot, called first thing Monday morning and was very attentive.
I texted and ed Tom Flory. Jerry Cugino called me back. He is the used car manager at Serra Chevrolet. We discussed my trade, he told me what he thought it would ACV for $5500 and he knocked $1000 off the asking price of the Pilot over the phone. That sounded like a fair price for the trade and based on extensive online market research I thought the retail price of the Pilot was very fair.
Tuesday my wife and I got off work early and took the freshly waxed and detailed 15 Passat south for the 225 mile trip. While on the road we found out Serra is half an hour closer and they close an hour earlier. We figured we could look over the Silver, higher mileage car at Serra and if couldn't make a deal, we could still make Apostolakis in time to evaluate their White Pilot and work a deal.
Tom Flory met us at the front door at the Chevy store. What a wonderful person. Tom is a treasure, immediately likeable and very generous with his time. Before my wife and I were 20 feet inside the (majestic) show room we had already hit it off with Mr. Flory and found out that he and my wife grew up within 20 miles of each other. Small world!
Mr. Flory introduced us to Mr. Cugino who I had spoken with on the phone. Mr. Flory and Jerry Cugino spent what seemed like an enormous amount of time with us (in a good way) and introduced us to Bill Fellows. While we were talking by Mr. Cugino's desk, Bill had the Pilot pulled around outside the showroom window we were standing near it looked fetching in silver.
My wife and I took an hour test drive. The car ran, drove, stopped and looked great. On the test drive my wife and I discussed our experience at Serra Chev. We decided we wanted to buy a car from Tom, Jerry and Bill. We thought the Silver Pilot would be just fine and we trusted these people.
I was a laydown. Jerry ACV'd the car for what we discussed on the phone and I was fine with the selling price, so the deal was a non-event. We did the paperwork and got on the road a little before nine.
Jerry, I've owned around forty cars so far and was a salesman at a Chevy, Buick, Toyota store between 1987 and 1990. I don't know where the (normal) great service provided by the terrific people at Serra ends and the Despreporno VIP process begins but they are exceptional. Thank you for creating the Despreporno program that led us to meet Tom Flory and the wonderful folks at Serra Chevrolet.
I miss Paul Harvey. Paul Harvey always told you a story and then the rest of the story.
My wife and I parked our (new to us) 2014 Honda Pilot in our driveway just after midnight having driven three and a half hours to get home on what was then the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Seven hours later my wife drove it to work and nine hours after that she turned the key to drive home.
Every warning light on the dash came on and stayed on. She sent me a text at work wondering what would cause this hoping it wouldn't wreck my day. I said I was wondering why every warning light on the dash of a car we'd dropped twenty thousand dollars on twenty hours ago would wreck my day, it did.
Since I had just sold a Honda Pilot with 252K miles on it, I pulled out the scanner I didn't think I'd need for a few years and ran the codes. Half a dozen codes from engine misfires to seat heaters and VTM-4 stuff. Crap!
I sent an to Tom, Jerry and Bill explaining the situation. Dave Fisher, Operations director called me back promptly. He said they would need the car back and suggested they could send someone out to get it. That sounded crazy to me!
We arranged for me to drop the car off on Saturday morning. Mr. Fisher said he would arrange a loaner. It's a 450 mile round trip to Akron and my wife pounds ground with her Pilot. I told him any old hoopdee off the used car lot that your going to run through the auction would be fine for us but it was too many miles for a new service loaner. Dave said they could do better than that. Super nice guy like everyone else at Serra, I immediately liked and trusted him.
Our Pilot ran fine all week and I got to Serra Honda around 10 on Saturday morning. Service manager Todd Baldinger knew exactly why I was there and had a 2019 Pilot EXL with 3400 miles on it waiting for me, of course. Friendly, efficient, busy and friendly would describe my short time with Todd. I gave him a print out of the codes from my scanner and he had seen the picture of the dash all lit up.
Wednesday Todd called me and said they were replacing the piston rings on four of the cylinders. He said he felt terrible asking but wanted to know if we would like them to do the timing belt (since it would be off the engine) at a discounted cost while they're in there. I said I would like to discuss it with the wife. Half an hour later I called him back and he told me it would be around $650 and I told him to go ahead. Also, my wife had some family functions up north and I would be exchanging vehicles on Sunday. They gave us Two Keys with our Pilot the (lockout?) so I told him to lock the key in the car and I would put theirs in the drop. On Sunday I detailed the loaner before I left for Akron and filled it with gas at the station down the street from the dealership. I dropped the key in the slot having run 1050 miles on a new car in a week.

Serra Honda/Chevrolet stood behind the used car they sold me with STUNNING CLASS. I cannot imagine being treated any better by any organization. Period. From beginning to end I was pleasantly surprised by this fantastic organization. Even when the car broke, they stood behind it without question.
And now you know the rest of the story.
Serra Chevrolet 5 Stars
Serra Honda 5 Stars
Tom Flory 5 Stars
Jerry Cugino 5 Stars
Bill Fellows 5 Stars
Dave Fisher 5 Stars
Todd Baldinger 5 Stars
I give Tom Flory and the Serra Group 35 stars out of a possible 5.

Response from CarProUSA
Wow! What an experience! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with CarProUSA and Serra Honda. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and it sounds like we achieved that goal with you. We want every experience to be five stars! Glad to hear you love your new 2014 Honda Pilot. Tom and the team will be thrilled to hear your feedback!

June 26, 2019
My lease was coming to an end on my 2017 Ridgeline RTL-E. I saw on the dealers website that Honda did have incentives on 2019 Ridgelines so I thought I should check it out. It didn't work for me this time however I do believe the dealer did about everything the could to make it happen, Jerry, FYI Tom Florres called me within 15 minutes of my submittle to your Website. I thought that was cool. He said to let him know if I had any question, call anytime. I told I had been In with Chad he said great. When i met Chad he Told me about the converstion with Tom. By the way I have purchased 2 Ridgelines from them prior to my current 2017.
Response from CarProUSA
We would like to thank you for your recommendations and for this amazing review. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and it sounds like we achieved that goal with you. We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with Tom Flores. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

September 4, 2018
Paul R.
Hi Jerry, Like everyone's comments above Thank You for recommending the Park Serra Subaru Auto Dealership to me regarding a question I had on the Subaru Outback 3.5 / CVT transmission. My wife and I had a very good experience with Kenny and ended up with the 2018 Outback Limited 2.5 a couple of weeks ago. The whole process of the transaction was a complete success. Serra Subaru went the extra mile and located the vehicle, the color we wanted, and the exact options we wanted over 120 miles from their dealership. I could have dealt with 4 other Subaru dealers in a 20 minute radius of my home but decided on Serra Subaru (40 minutes from home) based on your recommendation, and the overall confidence they showed in making this a good overall experience. We listen to your show and read your weekly insider tips regularly and enjoy all of your comments.
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