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Chris Franklin
General Manager
Call or Text:
Toyota of Boerne
31205 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd
Boerne, TX

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July 8, 2019
Cindy J.
Steve ed me to see if we needed anything & encouraged us to call if we needed anything in the future. I appreciate is immediate with me & his follow-up.
Response from CarProUSA
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience ! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

June 30, 2019
Keith A.
Aaron was a great help finding the right car for my situation. Very friendly and professional.
Response from CarProUSA
We are happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted out of your car-buying experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. We wish you safe travels in your new vehicle and look forward to seeing you again soon!

June 27, 2019
Karen H.
Great experience!
Response from CarProUSA
We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. Enjoy your new vehicle and please come visit us again soon!

June 24, 2019
Quintin T.
The staff here did an excellent job to ensure I was satisfied with the vehicle that I was looking for.
Response from CarProUSA
We are happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted out of your car-buying experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. Enjoy your new vehicle and please come visit CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne again soon

June 24, 2019
Bryan V.
Very positive experience from beginning to end. Will be recommending the VIP Priority Pass as well as this dealership to my family & friends in the future.
Response from CarProUSA
We are happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted out of your car-buying experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. We wish you safe travels in your new vehicle and look forward to seeing you again soon!

June 21, 2019
Perry F.
Been listening to you for YEARS and all the accolades about T of B.

The bad: You turn to pull in for parking and there is none. This was a Friday night about 7pm and with very few customers there. Would hate to see it on a Sat.! When was the last time you visited them? Pls suggest they create some signs for Customer Parking and have spaces clearly marked & available.

The good: Samuel, a Mgr., was very nice and most helpful. I was looking for a used vehicle for our son. We couldn't quite agree on terms but parted as "friends".

Next time we are looking for a new Toyota we definitely go to T of B!

Thx Jerry and Kevin!
Response from CarProUSA
On behalf of CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne, I would like to thank you for sharing this great review! We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with Samuel. Please come visit CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne again soon!

June 19, 2019
I didn't even get to go. Because I decided not to purchase one. But Nate was absolutely amazing and I'm going to use them in a month or so when I go.
Response from CarProUSA
Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you and everyone else who visits CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne with only the best there is to offer. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

June 7, 2019
Walter S.
The salesman was very knowledgeable and accommodating. There was no high pressure like I have experienced from previous car buying experiences. The over all experience was excellent.
Response from CarProUSA
We are happy to hear that you got exactly what you wanted out of your car-buying experience with CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne. We wish you safe travels in your new vehicle and look forward to seeing you again soon!

May 19, 2019
Bill W.
Very Friendly
Response from CarProUSA
Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. It is wonderful to hear that CarProUSA and Toyota of Boerne were able to provide you with the excellent experience we strive to provide all our customers. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

May 14, 2019
Brett T.
I am still waiting for salesman and GM to get back to me, its only been around a week. I ed the gm twice and he never ed me back. Salesman said he would bring the car to my home and he never answered s again. I only wanted to buy a car and give them money. I wish I could give zero stars.
Response from CarProUSA
We apologize for your negative experience with Toyota of Boerne. At CarProUSA, we are committed to providing our customers with an outstanding car buying experience. We value our customers and truly appreciate the time to share your opinions. We have reached out to our at the dealership, forwarded this information to them and we will reach out to you when we here back from them. Thank you for utilizing the CarPro Platform. We will do our best to make sure that your next experience is better.

May 11, 2019
Judy K.
The gentleman was very nice and professional. Wish I could have purchased the vehicle. Price was really good.

April 18, 2019
Terri V.
Our sales person, Victor, and finance manager, David, were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and kind.

April 6, 2019
Zac, called me and told me about the deals for the new 2019 Corollas (starting $14,900), and we set up an appointment for 2:00pm, Saturday,March 23rd to look at a 2019 Corolla LE. When I arrived, there were water bottles littered in the parking lot, and bulging trash cans in the front. There was a person who greeted me, and I told them I was there to see Zac. They walked me to the front desk and let them know I was there. Very kind. I met Zac briefly. He said he got my CarPro information when I arrived, and introduced me to a gentleman's name I do no recall. Zac was genuinely friendly, helpful, encouraging, honest in the two instances I saw him that day.

The person I was introduced to and I chatted about what I was looking for, while we waited for Tim Hawkins who was to be my sales person. When he arrived, the gentleman left, Hawkins and I chatted about new and used cars. Mr. Hawkins took time with me. Then the gentleman returned and told Hawkins to show me only the new cars for he had chatted with Zac. So, Hawkins and I walked outside and talked about the new Corolla.
He asked what color exterior and interior I wanted. We discussed white or silver, he picked the first white model he saw, opened the door for me to look inside. There was somebody's sweatshirt in the front seat, and some light white scuff marks in the lower driver's door pocket and lower dash area. Mr Hawkins said the scuff marks should come out, and if I buy the car he would have them cleaned/removed. We moved the sweatshirt to the back seat, and sat down to look at all the different features. Mr. Hawkins told me about the major features, showed me the engine, and took me on a very brief test drive...and talked the whole time, making hard to focus on the car itself. But he was a interesting and friendly guy. We got back, and I wanted to look inside another Corolla to compare the different interior colors. So we walked out to a side gravel lot, but some of the cars I wanted to look in where locked. He didn't offer to get a key or have someone come open them. The new cars in that lot were covered in pollen, a few leaves, and a lot of dust. But I did get an enjoyable story about how Hawkins proved that the safety release in the trunk really does work well.

I had already decided after talking to Zac about the deals over the phone, along with my previous familiarity with Corolla, that I was likely going to buy one; so I was looking for that "outstanding experience" so highly spoken about. Plus, I had been in with this dealership two years ago, and seemed to be fair and reasonable; even before I knew about CarPro.

I decided on a color and interior style. Mr Hawkins and I proceeded inside to look at printed up offers, none were prepared, but talked about financing and monthly payment goals. While waiting for the offer to be prepared, he asked if I wanted to go ahead and run my credit score. I was polite, but there was no wisdom in pinging my score without a written offer, and declined. Then we waited...awhile. The first offer presented me was for $22,000, and my desired monthly payment was in the 72 month range. That was not what Zac and I had discussed. So I spoke up, and said that deal wasn't for me, and that I thought there was a better deal available. Mr Hawkins didn't know of one, and looked so disappointed that I didn't accept it. He then tried to convince me that the offer was able to be fit into my monthly payment range, and that the car was very much worth the price. I told him that I couldn't bring myself to pay overall 22,000 for a car, no matter the monthly payment. So I asked to look at used cars that might better fit. He looked forlorn, and gravely disappointed. Then he asked if he could talk to his supervisor to see if there was anything they could do before looking at used. I agreed.

Hawkins and the other person I met previously came back joyfully and stated that they didn't realize I was a CarPro person (odd, cause Zac commented on it when I got there), and placed an offer in front of me for 14,900, after tax/title/license, 15,400. But then what happened unnerved me, Hawkins and the other guy sat on either side of me, watching me, one guy impatiently waiting for me while I looked at the paper. The unspoken pressure was palpable. They commented that the price was exceptional for a new vehicle, and the monthly payments were within range. I felt rushed to look at it and pressured to make a decision. This was my first time buying a car by myself. I should have stopped and asked for a minute. Knowing it was a good deal and not sure if I could get it again later, I signed the paper. We settled on a monthly payment. The men left to started the process.
I'm not sure if the original offer was an oversight or on purpose to make a higher sale, but I honestly believe mistakes happen. Particularly when three persons are working.

Hawkins came back and we signed three copies of the offer as he told me what each copy was for; of which, one of them was to be mine to keep. When I asked if I should hold on to one of those copies he said he had to take it and give it back later. So I figure it would have been in my final paperwork, but I haven't seen it since. I should have taken a picture of it. We then ran my credit score, and waited for the financial department.

In the mean time, I was introduced to the customer representative, and the accessories person. When sitting down with the accessories department, I spoke with Mr. Forrest. He went over the Toyota Care, Xpell, Lojack, and weather mat options in a very non-pressuring, just informative type way. Which I very much appreciated. I chose my first ever car to receive the Xpell coverage. Mr. Forrest stated I would have to return to have it placed, because it would take "awhile" to install, and that they would call me later to set up an appointment. I found it odd there was not one set up at that moment of agreement when I asked. Then I waited some more.

As I met with financial, Mr. Hawkins said he was going to bring my car to cleaning to make sure it was ready when I got done. I reminded him about the scuff marks, and he said he'd have them cleaned away, and I thanked him.

When I met with the financial department, they went over all of the service options, and additional coverages. Then I was quoted the final monthly price if I agreed to all three maintenance coverage options explained (but not the price of each), and it was $26 over my monthly for the car itself. I agreed. I waited for a while longer, by this time it had been 3 hours from deciding to buy to this point. I was getting very tired for I had worked a half day before arriving for my appointment; I just wanted to go home. When being shown the final paperwork, I made sure the monthly payment was correct and the interest payment was acceptable, but didn't think to look at the overall price of the deal after the coverage additions, nor was I told to me, nor asked if it was acceptable (again, this is where the new girl learned a lesson). I negotiated the interest rate from 4.8% to 4.3%, signed the paperwork, and was shown back to Mr. Hawkins.

Mr Hawkins then gave me a survey to fill out on his performance, stressing that "anything less than exceptional is a failure"; must have said it three times. I read each line, there were a few areas I wanted to put less than "exceptional". Yet he sat across from me, and the stare down occurred again when filling it out.

One thing though, Mr Hawkins was gracious to give me a private place to sit while I called my insurance to have the car added. As I spoke with my insurance agent, Hawkins wrote the year, make, and model of the car I just purchased down on the back a business card and slid it across the tablet to me. Why? I have no earthly idea, but I was grateful he told me what car I just purchased. I was wondering that all day, yet I figured it would be a surprise when I got home that night. Being insulted is only for steaks.

...For knowledge defense, we had a discussion earlier that day about what tires where on what cars we looked at; of which, at a certain point, I was telling him which cars had what brand on them.
Nevertheless, when I was done with insurance, he showed me to the car and showed me connect my phone via Bluetooth; very easy. I later found, in the Toyota review, that I was suppose to have been offered to have the presets established for me if I desired; I wasn't. There were radio stations already in the radio presets. One was a fun classical station I still enjoy, but overall it is not cool for a brand new car to have had someone place their own presets. Used cars, of course. Cars with 11 miles on them, not so much.

The white scuff marks on the lower driver's door where cleaned away with no apparent damage remaining, but the lower dash area still had them. I politely pointed that out to Hawkins. He said they could easily come off with some ArmorAll. I said, "ok", thinking he meant for the future if they occur again. He hesitated, the I realized he was telling me how to remove them when I got home. I stared at him a moment, processing that a brand new car was being sent home with scuff marks. He then walked over and rubbed it with his hand, possibly licking his fingers at some point, I don't know, I stopped watching. It took him a minute to clean the scuff marks away with his hand. Why he didn't grab some ArmorAll, I do not know the answer. I couldn't wipe the marks away earlier when I rubbed them, but whatever at this point, the marks where gone. His DNA is now on my car, or maybe he secretly is the ArmorAll man. Shhh.

Through this whole process from start to finish, I asked Mr Hawkins if there was a way to get my car home, because I had driven my Tundra that I wanted to keep. Just to see if there was a way, I asked. I would have been ok with a, "no there isn't". But he told me, more than once, that he would work to figure something out, or he could drive it himself possibly if his manager let him; but there would be a way. Now it was time to get my new car home. He went to ask his manager about the matter while I drove the Corolla over to where my Tundra was parked. Mr. Hawkins came out and said there was no one to help get the car home, and he couldn't leave. I understood due it it being 6:30 in the evening. He offered for me to leave the Corolla there overnight and come back the next day, Sunday. I was completely ok with this idea. But then I realized and asked how, because they were closed Sunday, how I would get to the car? He said the new car would sit in the front, where there where no gates, and it would be easily accessible. Secretly shocked and dumbfounded. I was dismayed he, or his manager, would even think of leaving a customer's NEW car in an unprotected area. It was then I felt the appreciation of being a customer stopped after the paperwork was signed. Why wasn't it offered to keep it at least somewhat safe behind a locked gate overnight, particularly after learning about LoJack, and for me to come pick it up/have it delivered Monday? He did offer to come up on Sunday himself, his day off, to drive it home for me. But I wasn't going to ask anyone to do that at the dealership, they need their time at home too. Plus, it still left the car in open space overnight. I think I was expecting too much from this "outstanding" label I was hoping to experience.

I was expecting the same things I would offer someone in his position:
unlocking other cars if they wanted to look at them, exceptionally spotless car upon pick up after purchase without having to be asked (not basically telling them, "it's your car now, use ArmorAll, it is good stuff"), presets ready as Toyota expects, speedier service from appointment to leaving the lot, offer to keep customer's new car at least somewhat safe if needed, and possibly working out a delivery plan after indicating it's possibility for 4-1/2 hours. The delivery thought is only because that is what I view as "exceptional" status. This idea doesn't fit in the "good" status.

So I thanked Mr Hawkins for his help that day, and called a friend 30 miles away, who thankfully was available. We got my car home safely around 9:00pm that night...and I found the sweatshirt still in the back seat.
Maybe tiddlywinks or hopscotch were being played by the cleaning fairies while the car was being "made ready". Or PeterPan came a took them away before the car was completed. Tis a mystery, we will never know.

I should have spoke up on a few different instances, and been more watchful. I wasn't. I expected Toyota of Boerne to look out for me like a friend or family like their website says, in addition to being a CarPro VIP. I thought that was what was happening, but after reflection, its a dealership. No full disclosures were stated, nor "exceptional" service from start to finish (helpful, oh yes; exceptional, no). Flashes of excellence like frozen shrimp in a frying pan. The one I really took me a while to process, was why on earth did the final price not come up? I should have had my guard fully up and grabbed a shield on that one; particularly before agreeing to $19,704.
A good night sleep, a fresh pot of coffee, and not going to work before coming in next time. Got it.

So in the end, I purchased the car because of you, CarPro. Thank YOU very much for having fantastic financial possibilities; wouldn't have purchased new without it.

Setting up the Xpell appointment was a less friendly experience with Mr. Tim Shelton.

After writing this, I realize I must sound like a naive person to have purchased the car that day if I wasn't completely happy with the experience. In reality, I already decided to buy a Corolla. Looking back I probably should have talked to Fred Haas as well. After the recent experience in getting Xpell placed on my car (a whole lot of kerfuffle there), I likely will look at other CarPro certified dealerships in the future. Grew up in the car buying world.

...oh, and the sweatshirt has been returned to the dealership. Whew! I know you were just riveted to hear what happen to that character this story, didn't want to leave you hanging.

March 30, 2019
Rick M.
I sent a reservation request to the Toyota of Boerne CarPro reservation box late in the evening on Tuesday, March 19th. Given the hour, I didn't expect an answer until the next morning and left the house to run an errand. Well, dadgum, if I didn't get a call from the General Sales Manager, Steve Hill, fifteen minutes later while in the car! Blew me away. Mentioned I would be passing through Boerne the next morning and wanted to stop in briefly to discuss replacing our 2008 Avalon. Absolutely, he says, and went on to say Theresa Vincent would be there to greet me at an appointed time. She met me in the lobby as I walked in with a big smile and immediately introduced me to Robert Font. She said Robert was assigned to serve most of their CarPro reservations. Robert and I hit it off right away and I stuck around for two hours. He listened, gave wonderful feedback, listened some more; the end result was my wife and I came back on Saturday, bought a beautiful new 2019 Avalon, and were out of the dealership within two hours. We never met so many people in one place of business so ready with a smile to help us, greet us, just chat...what an experience. We even have a Toyota dealership right across from out neighborhood, but we'll be driving the 20 miles to Boerne for our service. If someone is even remotely thinking about a Toyota, they would be wise to checkout this dealership.

March 12, 2019
Carl C.
Why can't all car buying be like this?

February 24, 2019
Went in to tell them i got a car from another brand. They said if we can help on any other car buys, give us a call.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Phillip, Thank you for your feedback concerning your recent experience with Toyota of Boerne. Their team there always does a fantastic job! We do appreciate you being a valued show listener, and the team at Toyota of Boerne does thank you for this opportunity to earn your business!

February 18, 2019
Floyd W.
Did not receive the CarPro website price.
Response from CarProUSA
Hi Floyd, We appreciate your feedback and comments regarding your recent purchase experience with Toyota of Boerne. We will take your thoughts into consideration as we continue helping our valued show listeners receive their Priority VIP Experiences. Nate and the entire team at Toyota of Boerne always do a fantastic job, and they do thank you very much for your business!

February 15, 2019
Buzz C.
Andrew Kilgore was an outstanding salesman. He was extremely knowledgeable about the different models and had the kind of demeanor that will bring me back to this dealership or anywhere he goes....
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Buzz, It's great to hear of your comments from your recent Toyota of Boerne purchase experience. Andrew, Rudy, and Ray always do a fantastic job! Congratulations on that new vehicle. We do appreciate you being a valued show listener. Andrew, Rudy, Ray and the entire Toyota of Boerne team do truly appreciate your business!

February 15, 2019
Nathan D.
My experience started off bad in the service department. After finding out my car was not worth repairing, I decided to replace 2 cars at the dealership. I was a repeat customer and long time customer of the service department. The salesman that was assigned to me was really the only reason I finally bought the cars there. But after getting jerked around for several days, I decided to see if the Carpro route would help me have a better experience. No luck. I never met Chris Franklin. I the whole experience made me feel very unappreciated and I felt like I was just being worked over the whole time. The final straw was in the finance department. They completely tried to take advantage of me. This use to be a great dealership but it this experience was really dispointing and would not recommend the dealership to anyone.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Nathan, We regret to hear of this feedback regarding your purchase experience at Toyota of Boerne. We certainly do not think this represents our core CarProUSA preferred experience, and the team at Toyota of Boerne truly regrets that this occurred and that you feel this way. We apologize for your frustration, and going forward, we sincerely hope that you'll consider further business with Toyota of Boerne and their team.

February 15, 2019
Tom H.
The sales rep and his supervisor did everything they could to get us into a new RAV IV. They showed us around and spent a lot of time with us. I wasn't thrilled with the final drive out that they quoted us but I think we could have worked through that. Our sticking point was the loan interest rate, and I guess they did the best they could. We decided not to buy right now but will give them another shot when we decide the time is right.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Tom, We do appreciate you sharing your feedback and story from Toyota of Boerne. When you do get ready to complete your purchase, we're confident that you'll be pleased to connect again with Cory and the team at Toyota of Boerne. Thank you for being a valued show listener and reader!

August 30, 2018
James R.
I was treated very well at Toyota of Boerne, despite the fact that my fantasy football draft came up during the price negotiation stage of the buying process. My phone kept announcing "You are on the clock!" at various times during the negotiation process. I was able to draft a team and buy a new car. I do think that I got a better car deal than a better fantasy football team. I received an from the NFL fantasy football web site saying my team selection grade was C+ and the projected record is 7-7 and my projected finish is tied for sixth place! I was able to see noticeable benefits to being in your buying program at Toyota of Boerne, compared to my previous experience at Gillman Honda. I would also like to compliment my salesperson Karen Sievert.

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