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Wesley Kammer
General Sales Manager
Vandergriff Acura
1100 West I-20
Arlington, TX

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Dealer Rating

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June 23, 2019
Fred R.
Wes is a pro and gained our confidence. The experience was improved and good but still needs streamlining
Response from CarProUSA
On behalf of CarProUSA and Vandergriff Acura I would like to thank you for sharing this great review! We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with Wes. We are always making changes to make the process smooth and easy for our customers! Please come visit CarProUSA and Vandergriff Acura again soon!

April 10, 2019
Mike M.
Another pleasant experience at Vandergriff Acura. This was our second lease from Vandergriff Acura and our expectations were high. We were not disappointed. Using the CarPro process, my wife and I were met on arrival by Wes Kammer (GM) and Stan Bennett (Sales). We had dealt with Stan on our previous lease and knew he would be a joy to deal with again. Originally we thought we might want to purchase this time, but after discussion with Wes and Stan, we decided leasing again was best for us. Finance office was a breeze and we closed the deal for a 2019 RDX. The RDX we wanted (color and options) was not available but, no problem, we were given a brand new RDX to use until our vehicle arrived and delivered to our home! One more note, Wes Kammer (GM) was personally involved in every step of the leasing process. I'm sure you'll find that kind of customer involvement only in Certified CarPro Dealers. Thanks Jerry

April 5, 2019
John P.
The starting lease cost was much higher than the final lease cost. The salesman indicated he "had" to start there, but that it would get better. The fact that I had a lease from another manufacturer complicated it somewhat, since the lease would not have been up until much later in the year. However, it just took much longer than I would have thought to get to the bottom figure. Probably three hours, then another two or more waiting on the finance fellow to get papers ready to sign. The place was quite busy.

February 25, 2019
Mary T.
Wes Kammer and his staff (Kenny Le, Brian Smith, Thao Nguyen were excellent. I called Wes and had to leave a message, so I thought OK he won't call me back, To my surprise, he called back almost immediately and we had an appointment the next day! Due to the fact that I am retired and have a Financial Advisor who takes care of all of my finances, he asked that Wes give him a call to discuss prior to finalizing the lease. Wes called him immediately and I was all set! I have driven MDX's for over 10years so I knew what I wanted in/on the vehicle. Wes found a vehicle immediately, however it had 300 miles on it which he did not want me to have. So, he did research and found one in Oklahoma which would be in the following Monday! I told him the accessories I wanted and the vehicle was ready for pick up on Monday! Kenny took over and handled the final lease. Thao Nguyen did the paperwork for the lease and was very accommodating. Brian Smith then sat with me in the vehicle and showed me how to work all of the new accessories that my 2016 did not have. Kenny and Brian have both called me several times to insure everything was OK! THEY ARE GREAT!!! I had a deck cover for my 2016, which Wes said would fit the 2019. However, it did fit, but there were no factory anchors for it to latch to! I called Kenny and sent him pictures of what I was talking about to see if they could be ordered. The Service mgr (forgot his name) Ordered the parts from Acura. The license plates were in, so I went yesterday (Friday) to pick them up and have them and the anchors put on. What perfect timing! I cannot THANK YOU enough for recommending Vandergriff. As you know from my original , I was a Churchill customer for many years! NO MORE! VANDERGRIFF IS MY NEW DEALERSHIP. And the trip from Weatherford is a breeze! THANKS AGAIN!
Response from CarProUSA
Hello Mary, It's so great to hear your story about your visit with Wes, Kenny, Brian, and Thao at Vandergriff Acura. They are always excellent to work with, and they truly exemplify the CarProUSA Experience. We thank you for being a valued show listener, and Wes, Kenny, Brian, Thao, and the team at Vandergriff are very thankful to earn your business. Congratulations on your new MDX!

February 11, 2019
James R.
We felt a little manipulated by the sales team -- hidden costs that we were expected tp pay ie "make ready" this almost cost them the sale.
Response from CarProUSA
Hello James, We do appreciate and value your comments and feedback, we will make note of them. Thank you also for your business with CarProUSA and for being a valued show listener, reader, and Vandergriff Acura customer!

February 9, 2019
Mel H.
All was very good; would only ask for the financial part be more open, straight forward, and already offering the best deal on the extended warranty given CarPro referral. Special thank you to Dan Naughton who has continually assisted with my "How To" and other questions and concerns.

August 25, 2018
Worked with John Ellis and his team to buy a new RDX. Fantastic experience! Great people and wonderful service. Well worth the drive from Waco.

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