Lease vs. Buy

Keys To Determining and Maximizing Your Cars Resale Value
   Published November 13, 2018
When I started my radio show 17 years ago, on show #1, I told the audience I would only recommend vehicles that had great long-term reliability, good value for the dollar, and good resale value. I have stuck to those tenets all these years. Before going on the air the first time, I listened to a number of other automotive shows, and was amazed that not one of them ever mentioned resale value. I have had people tell me they were not worried about resale value because they leased their cars.   Read Find out>
6 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Consider Leasing Over Buying
   Published October 3, 2018
Weekly on the Despreporno Show, we have a number of callers who identify themselves as senior citizens who are considering leasing for the first time.

I explain on the air that as we age, our mobility becomes more and more important and, frankly, precious. For many seniors, they have never given much thought to leasing a vehicle; many grew up in a time that this just wasnt done. However, it should be considered, along with the purchase option. It is wise to look at both in-depth to make the  Read Find out>
What To Know About Pull-Ahead Lease Offers
   Published September 12, 2018
Pull-Ahead Lease Programs
Over the last few years, these programs have become very popular with automakers, and are just another form of an incentive. It can vary, but generally if you are currently in a lease, the pull-ahead will allow you to skip up to your last three payments if you lease another vehicle of the same brand. This is particularly good for people who are on track to go over their mileage allowance. Essentially, you are moving your lease end date up by 90 days.

Are their  Read Find out>
8 Car Leasing Terms To Know Before You Visit The Dealership
   Published April 4, 2018
We had a caller last weekend who was confused about residual values on a lease, and whether that amount could be negotiated at the beginning or end of the lease.
One of the problems with the car business is that it has its own language, and often people in the car business use their internal terms when talking to consumers. Most people today know that upside down means they owe more on their car than its value, but not too many years ago, it was a bit of a mystery term.
Car leasing has a  Read Find out>
Easy to Follow Guide to Your End of Lease Options
   Published October 24, 2017
On the Despreporno Show, we always get a lot of calls about what to do at the end of a car lease. To help you figure out whats best for you, I recently put together some easy to understand tips on what to do at the end of a lease.
Start Your Research About 90 Days Before Your Lease Is Up
As you approach the end of a lease, at about 90 days from the end, that is the time to get your lease contract out and look it over. Odds are you havent looked at it in a long time. Look for the residual  Read Find out>
How To Decide Whether to Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle
   Published July 12, 2017
We had a listener call the show who was skittish about leasing, she had never done it before. We get this call at least weekly. Here are some things to think about when considering whether to buy or lease your next vehicle.

1. Consider How Much You Drive
When I get the question of lease versus buy, my first question back is always how many miles per year do you drive? Some people, especially third party leasing companies, will disagree with me on this; however, I maintain that if you drive  Read Find out>
Why Car Leases Can Be Good For First-Time Buyers
   Published May 9, 2016
I had a caller to my radio show Saturday, wanting to purchase a car for his 21-year old son who was in college. I asked him if he had considered leasing a new car for him, to which he said no and seemed very leery of leasing overall, primarily because he had never done it. He made the comment after 3-years, you dont own anything. He is correct, but if you finance for five, six, or seven years, you dont own anything after three years either. After a few minutes of chatting, he is going  Read Find out>
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