NHTSA Investigates Ford Explorer Exhaust Complaints


Federal safety regulators are investigating hundreds of complaints of exhaust leaking into certain late model Ford Explorers.

The National Highway Transportation Administration opened a last July. It originally involved 154 complaints of 2011-2015 model year Explorers. According to a reports the number has grown to more than 450 complaints since then and that it now includes 2016 and 2017 model years.

The complaints involve exhaust fumes reportedly leaking into passenger compartments when the SUV is running at full throttle, such as climbing a steep hill or merging into highway traffic.

NTHSA says no serious injuries are reported. But CBS News spoke to a Newport Beach police officer who suddenly passed out and crashed his 2014 Ford Explorer Police cruiser into a tree. He is recovering from multiple injuries. The office described feeling sick prior to the accident and he has no memory of the event. Doctors could not identify a cause. However, that officer is now suing Ford.

CBS News also reports Fords been aware of an issue since 2012 when it issued the first of three repair bulletins to dealers.

A Ford statement reads: We take the safety of our customers very seriously and will cooperate with NHTSA on this investigation, as we always do. In rare circumstances, there have been instances where customers detected an exhaust odor in Explorers. While it poses no safety risk, customers can and are encouraged to their local Ford dealer to address any concerns.

You can watch the .

Photo Credit: Ford
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