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Takata Airbag Recall Guide
[Editorís note: This information is updated regularly using data from the NHTSA website.]

Updated data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (in the chart below) shows that as... Find out8250;
National Police Week - Thank You Heroes!
At CarProUSA, we do our best to honor the police officers who keep us safe every day of the year. On this National Police Week, we thank you and we thank your families. You leave your homes not knowi... Find out8250;
McLaren Celebrates 20,000 Hand-Built Cars
McLaren Automotive is celebrating a big milestone. Itís 20,000th car was recently hand-assembled at its McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey. The milestone comes eight years after the first Mc... Find out8250;
All-New 2019 VW Arteon Highlights
Just in time for its spring arrival, Volkswagen is talking up the new 2019 Arteon, a fastback sedan that VW says sets a new design direction for the brandís next generation of vehicles. In a press rel... Find out8250;
Look Twice For Motorcycles Safety Campaign
May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and during this period, the Texas Department of Transportationís statewide ďShare the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles safety and public awareness ca... Find out8250;
Special Edition Range Rover Astronaut Edition
Are you a Range Rover lover? Do you want the most exclusive Range Rover ever made? Try to wrap your head around this:

A new exclusive Range Rover Astronaut Edition produced by Land Rover Speci... Find out8250;
Report: Gas Prices To Fall Soon
With the national average price of gasoline seeing its largest seasonal rise since 2011, motorists are probably ready for a well-deserved break when it comes to rising gas prices. GasBuddy predicts th... Find out8250;
Most & Least Expensive States For Car Insurance
Michigan is the most expensive state when it comes to car insurance according Insure.comís latest annual ranking of the most and least expensive states for car insurance.

For the sixth year in... Find out8250;
All-New Mazda3 Wins IIHS Top Safety Pick Award
The all-new 2019 Mazda 3 hatchback and sedan both earn TOP SAFETY PICK awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The hatchback earns the award with standard equipment, while the sedan qu... Find out8250;
Americans Slow to Adopt Electric Vehicles, Study Finds
A new study from the American Automobile Association finds that while consumer interest in going green remains steady, many people still arenít ready to plug into electric vehicles yet.

The ne... Find out8250;
New 2020 Acura RDX Hitting Dealerships
The 2020 Acura RDX is now arriving at dealerships, starting from $37,600 (excluding $995 destination and handling).

Acura says the RDX is currently the retail best-selling compact luxury SUV ... Find out8250;
Car Buying Tips For Recent College Grads
Itís that time of year when thousands of people will take off the cap and gown and head out into the world. For many, a new car is on the horizon, but you could be vulnerable without doing your homew... Find out8250;
797-Horsepower Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept Competes in One Lap of America
Be on alert for the Speed Trap across America.

This 797-horsepower 2018 Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit concept is competing in the One Lap of America race going on through Saturday. The one-off has... Find out8250;
Fastest And Slowest-Selling Vehicles In America
In the car industry, you often hear the term: days supply. Dealers and automakers track this number closely. As a dealer, it is your guide to whether you are overstocked or under stocked with invento... Find out8250;
Ram/Jeep EcoDiesel Lawsuit Final Settlement
Weíve been covering this issue from the very beginning. Finally, a settlement has been reached for owners of Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel owners.

According to a FCA Press Release:Find out8250;
2020 Toyota Prius Prime Upgrades
Toyota is talking up the upgrades for the 2020 Prius Prime, the most fuel efficient Toyota hybrid in the lineup. Available this summer, the LE grade will MSRP for $27,600, the XLE for $29,500 and the... Find out8250;
A Tribute To Mothers
A Very Special Tribute to a Very Special Mom
If there is happiness in my heart,
it's because you helped put it there.

If there is gentleness in my beliefs,
it's because you showed m... Find out8250;
Check Your Teen Driverís Tires
I have been preaching and teaching for many years how important it is to check the tire pressure on your car as well as checking the tread life. A study by Michelin reveals a high instance of wear an... Find out8250;
Ford Debuts FordPass Rewards Program
From simplifying the vehicle leasing process to saving customers time on maintenance to rewarding their loyalty, Ford Motor Company is aiming to make each part of its ownership experience easier and w... Find out8250;
Rent-Then Buy-A Supercharged 2019 Shelby Mustang
Have you felt that the power in your rental cars was lacking? I know I have. The people at SIXT Rent-A-Car are about to fix that problem by commissioning a line of exclusive supercharged 2019 Shelby ... Find out8250;

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