Test Drive: 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith Review

Jerry Reynolds | March 3, 2015
Test Drive: 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith Review

This could be the world’s shortest written car review. “The is the best car I have ever driven, bar none.” Is there really any reason to say more? There probably is, so I will continue.

Up until the last week, I would have told you that there is not a car made worth $400,000. I was wrong. I have driven a lot of cars in my life, this car is worth every penny. I totally underestimated how well built this car was going to be. Sorry to gush, I’ve just not had a car this good.

We’ll start under the hood, where you get a big honkin’ V-12 6.6-liter engine, and if that is not enough, the folks at BMW threw a set of turbochargers on it to get it up to 624-horses. They connected all that to an 8-speed automatic transmission, that get this-uses the GPS in the car to know road conditions ahead and make adjustments. The Wraith is the fastest ever made, and it does the 0-to-60 dance as fast as the Porsche Boxster I reviewed a few weeks back.

This hand-built beast was assembled in Chichester, Great Britain. If I look hard, I can usually find a flaw somewhere in any car. Maybe it is in the paint, the interior, a body panel that the seams are slightly off, but not this car. I can’t find one single thing wrong. It is precision.

Usually, I run through the standard and optional equipment on a vehicle, but let’s just say this Wraith has it all. That’s one of the beauty parts of the car, you can choose everything down to colors, the type wood that runs throughout the interior, sound system-you name it, you can have it. No two Wraiths are exactly the same.

Let me touch on my favorite things on this car. I have to start with the back-hinged suicide doors. They open extremely wide for easy access to the front or back seats. This created a problem because most people can’t reach the door to pull it closed, so Rolls put buttons by the driver to close either door.  It works like a charm and makes it really easy to get in and out of the car.

The $700 umbrellas that slide into the inner fender liners are not only handy but cool. The 18-speaker sound system is like being in a concert hall, and the night vision that comes on with the push of a button is a real safety feature for those who drive a lot at night. The heads-up display puts your speed and the speed limit up on the windshield.

The two coolest things about the Wraith are the retractable, lit hood ornament that disappears when you lock the car, then pops up when you unlock it.  Called the Spirit of Ecstasy, this is a $3825 option and well worth it to not have someone rip it off.

Then my very favorite thing is the $5900 Starlight Headliner. Look up, day or night, and 1400 individual lights that look like stars gently shine down on you. The brightness is adjustable for ambient lighting, or for reading.

Words simply won’t do justice to the interior of the Wraith. It screams luxury, has a massive backseat-especially for a coupe, and everything is amazingly intuitive. I fully expected to have to look at the owner’s manual, but only did once to find the massaging seats. Everything else is clearly marked with large, identifiable buttons built around what appears to be a simplified version of system.

The first bad-boy Rolls-Royce does not disappoint when you get behind the wheel. It is incredibly quiet inside, it has a silky ride with no hint of any bumps in the road. Like any reviewer worth his salt, I leaned the 5500-pound Wraith into some pretty hard turns, and the car stayed completely flat the entire time, which shocked me, given the size and weight of this rear-wheel drive luxury coupe.

My tester was black and silver on the outside, and had a red interior and the combination was stunning, as you’ll see in the video I shot with the car.  21” wheels set the car off, and in a first for me; the center caps right themselves at every stop. The word Wraith is Scottish for ghost or spirit, and the spirit of this car screams luxury and unmatched quality. Many Rolls owners have drivers, but I doubt seriously any Wraith owners do, it’s just too much fun to drive yourself.

It’s decadent, it’s over the top, and it is hands down, bar-none the finest car I have ever had the pleasure to drive. Get your lottery tickets my friends, and make your first stop after winning your neighborhood Rolls-Royce dealership. The only thing that would make it better is if the top went down, and that appears to be slated for 2016.

2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith

  • What I liked most: The headliner and hood ornament.
  • What I would change: Ha! Not a damned thing.
  • MSRP: Base price $294,025. As equipped $397,215.
  • Fuel Economy: 13 City/21 highway/15 combined.
  • Odometer reading when tested: 1701 miles.
  • Weight: 5500 Pounds.
  • Length-Width-Height: 207.9 long/76.7” wide/76.7” High.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.9 gallons.
  • 2015 Wraith in a few words: An incomparable car and the best I’ve ever driven.
  • Warranty: 4-year/unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper, with roadside assistance, and 4-years unlimited mileage of free maintenance.
  • Despreporno Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Dealers: Park Place Rolls-Royce in Dallas.
  • Manufacturer’s website: 

Photo Credit: Rolls-Royce

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